Licking the Plate Clean – Part 1: Challenge Accepted

Welcome back guys,

I will be participating in many future challenges held by Synoptikal in the Route One GG discord. These are great ways of getting back into Football Manager, if you have had a falling out or for a chance to manage in countries you never thought about in the first place. We have already been to Japan, England, Germany and now you join us in Argentina! One catch, River Plate are in tremendous trouble. There has been a firesale of such where the board have sold all players from the first team right down to the youth teams. This has only generated around £75 million to be spent on players to rebuild the entire club from top to bottom. Can we rise to the challenge?

Database setup

Everyone doing the challenge had to set the database up like this: A large database; not adding key staff; preventing the use of the in-game editor and with a range of nations loaded into the game.

Manager experience and qualifications

In accordance with this challenge, we had to use “suggested” qualifications and experience. I have opted to preset my attributes as a manager in the shape of a motivator, like the great Argentine, Diego Simeone!

River Plate Club Information

I have never managed in Argentina before on Football Manager, so it would make sense to have a look at the club. *please note that any players seen, are not at the club* The main thing that pops out is the fact we have excellent facilities, which holds us in good stead to implement our “play with youth” philosophy that I want to introduce. Our rivals surprises me, I honestly, only thought it was Boca Juniors, but to see other fierce rivals such as, Racing Club, Independiente and San Lorenzo. In addition, looking at trophies won, it seems we would be expected to continue to win silverware.

As I have eluded too, at the start of the season we had no players at the club. Regardless, I forged 3 slightly different tactics that I would like us to play with, considering the players I intend to bring into the club. The first one, 4-2-3-1, is more of a possessive tactic, looking to control possession of the game whilst trying to force an opening patiently to create clear-cut goal scoring opportunities. The second, 4-3-3 (as I like to call it), this tactic is more about pressing the opponents constantly to force errors in all areas of the pitch, whilst creating goal scoring opportunities more frequently with a higher intensity than the first tactic. The final tactic, 4-4-2, an old classic everyone loves, kind of like the 2D dots. This tactic will focus more on counter attacking football, soaking up the pressure from the opposition and breaking quickly to create goal scoring opportunities.

39 Signings confirmed

A whopping 39 players signed for a total of £103 million. Well how have you managed to do that, you may ask?!? All I will say is instalments are your friend here. The majority of players signed here are supposedly Argentinian wonder kids. But, the most notable signing has to be Lucas Biglia signing for £5 million and only £100 per week (AC Milan are paying his other £105k per week).

The River Plate squad

This is how the squad looks after all the signings, well maybe not all! We obvisouly have a very young squad, but I have signed Mammana, Biglia, Pereira and Palacios as experienced members of the squad. I am very excited with the potential talent in the squad, it should see us in good stead coming into the second season of this challenge. There may be further additions to the squad to enhance our experienced members. However, from the time of writing this blog, there have been no further additions to the squad.

Preseason fixtures/results

Preseason was mainly used to try and recoup some of the hundreds of millions spent in instalments. So, fixtures against the top elite European teams was a great way to combat that. Unfortunately, our morale has taken an absolute battering! Saying that, I was really impressed with how we performed against a full strength Barcelona side.

Thank you for taking the time to read this first instalment into our first blogged R1GG Challenge save. I encourage you to check out their Twitter page (link at the top of the page) and also to check out my Twitter. Please let me know your thoughts, feedback via Twitter. See you next time.

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